The New Tradition of Modular Crochet

One of the hot “new” trends in crochet is modular crochet. If you’ve never heard of it, it just means making your projects in pieces instead of in one or two pieces. In other words, if you’ve ever done a granny square shawl or any kind of motif crochet, you’ve done modular crochet. Don’t underestimate it, though, new styles of fashion and new techniques are being used in modular crochet these days.


Although modular crochet means the extra work of joining pieces, it has quite a few advantages. As anyone who has ever crocheted a big afghan out of motifs knows, it is convenient to work on small parts of a big project if you like to carry your work with you. You can carry a skein of yarn, a hook and the small motif you’re working on instead of half a large afghan when you want to work on the go.

And if your project is white or pastel, it keeps the beginning of the project from looking as if it’s been dragged all over the planet. For young mothers who like to work on a project in the park with the kids, this is an important point. Working with modular crochet also opens up some lovely possibilities in the pattern itself. Instead of being made of many motifs in different patterns and colors, a skirt, for instance can be made of solid color motifs with patterned ones here and there.

Or maybe a sweater can be made to look like it is a solid color yarn with lacy insets of finer yard or crochet thread. The modular crochet technique can combine old-fashioned looks with modern ideas.

If you keep up with the joining as you go, even big projects won’t get too tedious. It’s a great chore to do while watching TV. The most usual way to join pieces of modular crochet is with a whipstitch. Just use the same yarn in a large eye needle and sew through the back loops only. It might be easier to place the right sides together. You might choose to use a crochet hook and chain stitch through the same back loops.

If you want to add a bit of something to your modular crochet project, you can single stitch some or all of the pieces together in matching or contrasting yarn for a raised ridge. However you do it, try the very old, new technique of modular crochet.

The Hot Crochet Poncho Pattern Look

Sometimes when a fashion comes back, it makes a big splash. Never has that been truer than with the crochet poncho pattern. The late 1960s hippy look came into its own in the 1970s when it combined funky with crafts-look. If someone wore a macramé belt, there almost had to be a crochet poncho pattern worn over the peasant blouse.

When that macramé faded, and when no one wore shoulder bags made of old jeans, when head bands were no longer worn on the forehead, the crochet poncho disappeared as well. It’s back now, along with everything crochet. You can make a crochet poncho because it’s hot or you can make a crochet poncho because it’s cool but the best reason to make a crochet poncho is because it looks good in every possible style.

Both Easy and Versatile

The beginner in crochet can stretch simple skills to make a poncho. At the same time, the experienced person can create a poncho using any advanced technique known. Today, there is just no wrong style, no wrong color and no wrong stitch for the crochet poncho pattern. To get started, you can look through the endless patterns in the craft store or the free ones online.

Most of the yarn sites have free more than one free crochet poncho pattern. In fact, nearly all have a version of the Martha Stewart poncho available to download. It’s an easy thing to adjust your favorite crochet poncho pattern to go with every outfit or to give to everyone on your gift list – for any occasion!

Cold weather calls for bulky ponchos, either pointed or straight. Warm weather is perfect for a lacy poncho that resembles a fancy shawl. Use lots of fringe and maybe some beads. Find a crochet poncho pattern for children, too. It’s easy for the toddlers to put on because there are no sleeves to fool with. That’s also the reason they’re so easy to make. Once the poncho is complete, you can start on matching hats, gloves, purses or whatever suits your imagination.

There’s a crochet poncho pattern for indoors as well as outdoors – winter cover-ups or bathing suit cover-ups. Any crochet technique can be adapted for use in a poncho and they make a great excuse to try every new novelty yarn that comes along. Whatever time it is where you are, it’s time to try a crochet poncho pattern.

Warm up for Winter Weather with a Crocheted Shawl Pattern

When the cold weather begins to rear its head, the crochet guru gets a hankering to warm up with a new crochet project. Fortunately, a crocheted shawl pattern may be just what the doctor ordered! Crocheted shawl patterns are easy to find, many are easy to make, and materials to create one-of-a-kind accessories and gifts are plentiful.

What could be cozier than curling up on a chilly winter night with a bag of chunky yarn and your crochet hook? The only thing warmer would be to curl up for your crochet session wrapped in a beautiful handmade shawl of your own design.

Crocheted Shawl Patterns are not just for Winter

Shawls are wonderfully versatile items. They can come in the delicate, airy patterns to dress up your best sundresses; lacy and elegant styles to wrap up in over your cocktail dress or formal gown; or warm and fuzzy to keep you comfortable on a frigid winter evening, when a sweater is just too much effort.

Because of their versatility, you are not even slightly restricted in the amount and types of materials available for your crocheting pleasure. From rich wool, to airy cotton, there are numerous types of yarns that will work beautifully into crocheted shawl patterns. How about a beautiful metallic thread for an elegant evening wrap, or a homespun yarn that will make up into a warm and fuzzy shawl to wrap up in on cool nights?

You might very well be faced with so many wonderful choices; you might have trouble settling on just one shawl to create! Fortunately crocheted shawl patterns are generally quick and easy to make, so you don’t have to restrict yourself to just one.

Accessories, Please

Another way that you can personalize your crocheted shawl pattern is to embellish it with various items. Fringe made from the same material as your shawl can be an elegant trim. For an exotic touch, try adding some glass beads to the fringe for a dangle effect. Fun fur can be another way to doll up a basic shawl for a little extra funk and fun.

Whatever you decide to add to your basic crocheted shawl pattern, your finished result will be a beautiful handmade accessory that will resonate with your personal style. And because shawl patterns abound, you are guaranteed to find the perfect piece to accessorize just about any outfit in your wardrobe. Grab your crochet hook and favorite crocheted shawl pattern, and let the creativity begin!

Tips for the Crochet Hat Pattern

If you’ve never worked a crochet hat pattern, you shouldn’t be afraid to try. If you’ve only done flat work before, there isn’t much that’s different about working in the round. The first thing to do is find the right crochet hat pattern for you. If you need practice, try a child’s size hat to limber up. There are many free crochet hat patterns on the Internet.

Before you commit, read through the pattern and make sure that you understand the instructions. Start with something simple. If it starts to go wrong, try another crochet hat pattern before you give up completely. The masses of free patterns on the Internet are a wonderful treasure trove. Just remember that some of the diamonds are unpolished.

Round and Round we go

If you’re used to working in rows, the first thing you’ll notice on the crochet hat pattern is that you’re now working in rounds. If your crochet hat pattern has ear flaps or other flat work, you’ll see rows again. Before you begin, find out if the rounds are worked without stopping. Usually they are for a crochet hat pattern.

First you will need something to mark the beginning of the round. A short piece of yarn in a contrasting color is good. You can just work the first stitch of the round around it. When you get back to that stitch, pull out the marker and work around it again. You can use a safety pin or bobby pin just as well. You need to mark the rounds because it’s very difficult to spot the beginning of a round after it’s been worked over. For counting stitches and shaping, it’s a good idea to know where the current round begins.

If you are familiar with reading patterns and know your stitches, you shouldn’t have any more problems. A crochet hat pattern can start at the top of the head and get larger or start at the brim and get smaller. Either way, there’ll be shaping involved. To add more stitches, the crochet hat pattern will just say to increase.

That only means that you put two stitches into one stitch in the previous round. Decrease is the opposite. Make two stitches into one by starting the stitch and instead of doing the last yarn over, leave the last part of the stitch on the hook and start the next stitch. Yarn over and pull through the last of both stitches. On the next round, the decrease will look just like a normal stitch. Beyond that, all you basically have to do is just follow the directions and have fun.

Use Crochet Beads on Everything

The colorful styles of today combined with the easy accessibility of all sorts of beads makes it natural to want to add lots of beading to any crochet project. As with all things crochet, the process is easier than the finished project makes it look. Just remember when you choose the materials for your project that the beads have to fit on the thread or yarn that you will be using so make sure the hole in the bead is the right size.

Ready, Set, Bead

Some kind of beading is appropriate for any kind of project except baby things. Little baby fingers can get into many kinds of stitches and everything that comes off goes into the mouth. With the one and only warning out of the way, we’re ready to begin. Decide where you want your beads to go and about how many you’ll need. Just place the necessary beads onto the yarn or thread in the reverse order that you’ll need them and you’re ready to crochet beads onto any project.

As you get to the stitch where the bead goes, feed it up to the hook. Start the stitch as usual and just before the last yarn over, put the bead in place. The last part of the stitch locks it down. This method can be used to scatter clear, shiny beads randomly across the front of a sweater or to crochet beads of the same color around the color of an evening top. You can crochet beads of a contrasting color onto a lace motif to accent the fancy design.

If a project calls for sewing on the beads, use the same yard or thread that you used to crochet the project and only the beads will show. On a tightly crocheted area, use an embroidery half-cross stitch to fasten each bead. Open, lacy work calls for you to crochet beads on. If a project calls for embroidery, you can use the little seed beads instead of – or in addition to – colored embroidery thread. You can accent embroidered or crocheted flowers with beaded dew with this method. Or you can add a little black eye to a lacy swan.

To add a fringe of beads while you are crocheting, use the first method. Feed the beads onto the yarn or thread before beginning the project. As you come to the fringe stitch, feed the beads you will need up to the hook. You should be looking at the wrong side of the project and the beads will go on the side away from you. Make a chain the length of the fringe and crochet beads into each chain stitch and then into each single stitch going back to the row. These methods are elegant, easy and versatile – in other words: crochet.

Choosing the Right Crochet Yarn

Once upon a time crocheting was for grandmothers only however today it is an essential part of fashion in order to add elegance and a touch of romance to any item. Whether it is a bed sheet, curtains or a dress crochet does to go unnoticed.

Picking the Right Crochet Yarn

There are a few types of crochet yarn and it needs to be used accordingly in order to achieve the desired effect. Worsted weight, baby fingering, sport weight, chunky and bulky crochet yarns are the available types on the market today. Worsted weight is usually suggested for beginners, as it is easily adapted to any pattern you may start with; baby crochet yarns are very fine as well as fingering; sport weight has 3 ply generally and chunky and bulky are the heaviest.

Depending on what you have in mind to make you will choose the crochet yarn accordingly. Crochet yarn is typically made from different types of materials such as: synthetic, acrylics, cotton and wool.

Choosing the right crochet yarn is easy all you need to do is look at the tables and you will find the answer for you items. Some yarn tables will provide a few varieties, which you may want to save for future reference.

Crocheting Made Easy

It is not easy to crochet but you can learn too with a crochet beginner’s kit and even become an expert at it in a short while if you dedicate sometime to it. Crocheting is very relaxing, plus you will have something to show for at the end of the project.

Get creative when crocheting, made your favorite accessories bur also items for you house hold. You can enhance your house with crocheting almost anywhere from the bathroom to the bedroom and kitchen as well as your wardrobe.

Make Crocheting a Summer Project

This summer you can make crocheting your project and learn as many patterns as possible for once you start nobody will be able to stop you; it is definitely addictive to create beautiful things for yourself and others as well.

Find out what your friends and family likes and you can even make Christmas gifts; you will make someone happy as well as you will save a great deal of money in the process.

Helpful Tip

Crocheting may be hard only in the beginning until you get the hang of it but you will never know unless you try it out how much fun it can be to create your own little accessories and gifts.

The Many Reasons to Crochet a Dress

For those women who enjoy crocheting, chances are that they have already gone through many of the projects that are able to be made in such a manner. After all one can only crochet so many doilies, tablecloths, or hats. For the woman in search of a new crochet project, perhaps it is time to expand a bit and crochet a dress.


An appealing reason to crochet a dress is that it would make for a lovely gift for a new granddaughter or a small child. Crocheted dresses for babies and small children are generally white, but they can also be many different colors according to the seasons, such as the implementation of pastel colors for an adorable sundress.

For those younger people who do not have children yet, they could always make a lovely child’s dress and save it for when they had their own children. Such a crocheted dress could also be saved to give an expectant loved one as a baby shower present.


For those who collect dolls, a wonderful hobby would be to crochet dresses for them. These lovely dresses can often be purchased a craft fairs, and are fun to make because they take less time to create.

The most popular kind of crocheted dress are ones for baby dolls. With the many different occasions there are to celebrate, these dolls are often used as decorations for various holidays or given as presents, thus the ideas one can implement to crochet a dress for them are quite diverse.

Fashion Statements

For the especially ambitious crochet enthusiasts, a great idea would be to crochet their own dress. Depending on the style that is chosen, crocheted dresses can be worn at fancy or at casual events.

It is important to note that while it will be less expensive to make one’s own dress, it may take a considerable amount of time to select the right yarn, color, and to get measurements right, in addition to the actual crocheting process. Thus, patience is a must for people who choose to make their own dress in this manner.

For people who lack the patience or the necessary crocheting skills, one can always find a lovely crocheted dress online or at a local department store. Prices will vary according to the design and manufacturer. However, regardless of its origins, crocheted dresses are indeed lovely and creative works of art.

The New Crochet Poncho Craze

Martha Stewart wore one when she left jail. Jennifer Lopez wore one in her film, “Monster-in-Law”. It appears that the crochet poncho is making yet another comeback as a fashion staple. The good news is that you do not have to spend a bundle to purchase this fashion statement at the mall. With a few skeins of yarn and some crochet know-how, you can create your own for a little time and cash.

The patterns for a crochet poncho are truly abounding these days, so you should have no trouble finding something to your liking. There are crochet books with poncho patterns, magazines that sport the latest styles, and even free patterns on the internet for your perusing. A crochet poncho can be created in a variety of materials – from the bulky yarns that will create a cozy cold-weather accessory to the linens and cottons that make up summertime favorites. Some ponchos are even embellished with beads or fun fur for a more exotic look.

One of the more updated crochet poncho styles features a shorter style that looks more like a wrap or shrug. Less yarn for more style!

Why the Crochet Poncho is so Popular

So what is the reason that these wraps continue to go in and out of style so consistently? One reason may be that the crochet poncho offers a warm alternative to the bulky sweaters. Originally ponchos were created for warding off the cold and rain. Many of the first ponchos were constructed with attached hoods. Another reason for their rise and fall in popularity could be the fact that crocheted ponchos are simply fun and easy to make. They require a minimal amount of yarn in many cases, and most patterns are so simple, even the newest newbie to the art of crochet can master one.

Today, there is such a huge selection of luxurious yarns and materials to create a crochet poncho, you can quickly and easily make your individualized fashion statement. Check out some of the new bulky yarns in wool and wool blends for a look that will turn heads as well as keep you warm. Some of the fun novelty yarns like the furs will bring a cute embellishment to necklines and edgings. For a more exotic look, you can crochet beads along the bottom of your crochet poncho for some dangle action. Pompoms still make an adorable addition on a crochet poncho for a little girl.

Whatever crochet poncho you choose to create, your project is guaranteed to be a fun addition to your crochet repertoire. Grab your hook and yarn, and get to work!

Make Your own Crochet Doll Dresses

Crocheting is one of the oldest practices by humans and that may be the reason why it is always associated with elder people. Today however crocheting is widely practiced and worn on anything and everything you can possibly think of from dresses to curtains.

Crocheting For Fun

Crocheting is just a hobby like any other but this particular hobby can actually create something you can show for as well as many others happy. One such thing is crochet doll dresses and any other item of a doll’s wardrobe would make your daughter or granddaughter extremely happy.

Crochet doll dresses are a bit tricky and if you have not done any before, I suggest you look up in stores or online for directions for you need to follow exact measurements and patterns in order to make the crochet doll dress look good.

Due to the fact that crocheting and crocheted items are back in style you will be able to find with ease crochet doll dresses kits and even crochet doll kits as well. On such a project you can work with your daughter in crocheting and in due course teach her how to make her own crochet doll dresses too. Crocheting is not easy and definitely not fast, you will need all the help you can get besides your daughter will love learning something as complicated as crocheting.

Once you have made the first crochet doll dress you can then make several more in different colors and styles to make a whole wardrobe for your or your daughter’s doll.

Helpful Tips

Depending on your daughter’s age you may not want to leave her unattended with the crochet needles or other aerials that may be of danger to her. Also you need to be very patient and watch what your daughters does because in crocheting any mistake will cause to undo and start the job from where it went wrong and that can get very frustrating especially if you have already been working on crochet doll for a while.

Crochet dolls and crochet doll’s dresses can be made out of any type of yarn but if you make if out of cotton ensure that it was preshrunk or else you will have a miniature dress after the first wash.

Crochet is a wonderful hobby, which can work as a stress reliever and relax you every time you pick up the yarn and crochet needle irrelevant what you are about to do. Crocheting together with your daughter can be a unique experience, which you both will treasure for years to come.

Looking to Make a Stylish Fashion Statement? Crochet a Shawl

The art of crocheting is a hobby that has been enjoyed by many generations. Indeed, many things can be made through crocheting, including things like a crocheted shawl. When some people think of crocheted shawls, they think of an old grandmother in a rocking chair with her crocheted shawl wrapped tightly around her. While crocheted shawls can certainly serve such a purpose, they can also be a source of great contemporary fashion.

A Night Out on the Town

A crocheted shawl is perfect for a woman who is wearing a sleeveless dress on a chilly night, but does not want to bring a jacket along. This kind of shawl is particularly appealing because it allows for warmth, but the stitches also allow a bit of skin to show, which results in a sexy look.

A Night of Leisure

A crocheted shawl is not just for the elderly, it is also becoming a stylish way to keep warm at home or out for a walk in chill weather, because they can keep a person warm enough without them getting overheated. Indeed, crocheted shawls are especially popular among young creative types, as they have most likely made the shawl themselves.

Many Different Colors, Many Different Ways

Crocheted shawls do not come in one standard style. They may be composed of just yarn, they may include beading, and the ends of shawls may even include tassels. As with all types of fashion, the style really depends on whether one is look for a more ornate, or a more reserved look.

When selecting the right color for a shawl, be it for an upcoming crochet project, or purchasing one as a fashion statement, some people will choose the color according to what that color generally represents. For example, yellow signifies wisdom, and green signifies prosperity.

Additionally, the great thing about crocheted shawls is that they do not have to be worn just draped across the shoulders. These shawls, when paired with the right skirt (or even a pair of jeans) can be safety-pinned across the waist so that it falls across the front in a triangular shape.

Crocheted shawls of all types and colors can be found in local department stores, and online through various websites. One can also buy a pattern for a shawl at a local craft supply store and make their own. Crocheted shawls are a great means of self-expression, whether it is as a hobby or as a fashion statement.