Accessorize Your Wardrobe with Crocheted Purse Patterns

While crocheted purses appear to be the current rage, these accessories are far from new to the fashion scene. In fact, the first crocheted purse pattern was published in Holland in 1824! At this time, the popular styles of crocheted purse patterns were pouches or round, flat bags. In the 1920’s the “finger purse” came into vogue. The finger purse was a small bag that dangled from a crocheted ring that was worn around the finger. These purses were quite popular to wear with gowns on special occasions.

These days, crocheted purse patterns run the gamut – from small drawstring bags to carry the bare essentials, to large totes that are designed to hold everything but the kitchen sink. Evening bags are particularly in demand, since available materials for crocheted purse patterns include luxurious chenille and sparkling metallic. The best thing about a crocheted purse is that it takes very little yarn or thread to complete, and many of the patterns are perfect for a beginner’s project.

In Search of the Perfect Crocheted Purse Pattern

So where can you find a crocheted purse pattern? You name it! Books, magazines and websites will all offer at least a couple of crocheted purse patterns in their repertoire. There are even books that contain nothing but purses and bags! The internet has website after website of patterns for the crochet guru – many of them are free for the taking.

If you have a friend who loves to crochet, find out if she has any spare crocheted purse patterns lying around. Chances are she will be able to offer you her own private library of selections! If you are an experienced crotcheter, a purse can be a great first design-it-yourself project. Try assembling a collection of granny squares to make a funky bag that is all about you!

Materials are another way to personalize your crocheted purse pattern. Since you won’t need a large amount of yarn, you can splurge on a more luxurious or exotic fiber to make up your accessory if you like. Just make sure that if you use a crocheted purse pattern that has many openings, or a fiber that is fuzzy or flimsy, you stitch up a fabric purse liner to keep your contents contained and your purse free from snags and holes. These can be made up of any type of fabric, and either machine-stitched or whip-stitched by hand to the interior of your bag.

Crocheted purse patterns can be a fun and funky way to jazz up your wardrobe. With the patterns and materials that are abounding, your crocheted purse will only be limited by your own imagination!