Crochet a Scarf Pattern for Year-Round Wear

Crocheted scarf patterns used to consist of warm woolens and aran patterns and cables designed solely for winter wearing. Times have changed! Today’s scarves are made of a tremendous variety of materials, and are created as fashion accessories as well as neck warmers. It is not completely unheard of to see a hip, lacy scarf adorning a sophisticated sheath in the summer.

Or perhaps a long, loopy creation to dress up a tank top and jeans. Crocheted scarf patterns are making their way into every season. The good news is that you can grab your own crocheted scarf pattern, and fashion your way to accessorizing your entire wardrobe with a little bit of funky yarn, and a whole lot of imagination!

The Warm Weather Crocheted Scarf Pattern

Who would have ever thought that a crocheted scarf pattern would make itself at home during the hottest months of the year? But with the new fibers and textures available to make up crocheted scarf patterns, that is exactly what is happening! The new textiles available, such as the ribbons and confetti threads available for crochet, can bring new life into an old favorite.

How about a lacy crocheted scarf pattern made up out of “ribbon” yarn in bright tropical colors? There are also numerous cotton yarns and threads available to whip up some fun, warm-weather accessories. Just make sure when you are making a crocheted scarf pattern for sun-wear, that you keep the materials suitable for warmer weather and the color palette bright and tropical.

An Old Favorite: The Winter Scarf

When most of us hear the word “scarf”, we immediately think of a neck wrap that is suitable for a snowman! Winter crocheted scarf patterns are not only accessories for outer wear, however. There are many fun scarves that can be worn indoors, to adorn a turtleneck or blouse for example. Some of these scarves are very thin in width, and made with the most exotic fibers that you can imagine. Furs are a very popular yarn choice for indoor scarves, as well as those worn with winter coats.

If you make a furry scarf for your black leather jacket, why not whip up some fur trim around a pair of store-bought gloves to finish the ensemble? You could even put a fur trim around a bucket hat for more coordination! Don’t stop with the furs, however, Wool yarns make lovely traditional winter scarves, in aran patterns and cables. Chenille is another popular choice for crocheted scarf patterns for winter.

Crocheted scarf patterns are generally easy to make, and require a small amount of yarn to finish. With the ease, convenience and low cost of crocheted scarf patterns, you can fill your closet with scarves for every coat and occasion!