Get Hip! Try a Crocheted Shrug Pattern

A shrug can be described as a cropped jacket of sorts, without buttons or other means of fastening. You can wear shrugs year-round – from lightweight shrugs over tank tops in spring to heavier styles that will keep you warm in the colder months. Shrugs have exploded onto the fashion scene in the past couple of years, and continue to be a wardrobe staple for many of the trend conscious. If you have shopped for a shrug recently, you will probably find that the price tag reflects the popularity of the item. (In other words, they are both rather high!)

But why spend a bundle on a shrug when you can easily make one yourself for a fraction of the cost? Crochet shrug patterns are abounding, and the materials to make up your own shrug are equally plentiful. Crocheted shrug patterns have become popular because they do not require that much yarn to complete and many of the patterns are simple enough for even a beginner at crochet to master. So what are you waiting for? A beautiful handmade shrug can be yours with just a little bit of yarn and effort on your part!

Where to find Crochet Shrug Patterns

You might be asking where you can track down a crochet shrug pattern so that you can get busy creating one. The answer is just about anywhere! There are crochet books and magazines that contain many beautiful crocheted shrug patterns. Current issues of magazines can be a particularly good choice, since they will feature the latest trends.

The internet is virtually a pattern hunter’s dream, with free crocheted shrug patterns at more websites than you will ever have the time to peruse. As you are shopping for your perfect crocheted shrug pattern, keep in mind that selecting a pattern at your skill and experience level will decrease the risk of frustration as you are making your project, and increase your chance at successfully completing it.

Materials, Please!

Once you have selected your crochet shrug pattern, you should have no trouble finding the material you want to use. In fact, there are so many yarns to choose from, you might have trouble settling on just one choice. Not that you really have to! Why not make two or three shrugs from the same crocheted shrug pattern? You could add a shrug to nearly every outfit in your closet. Happy crocheting!