Having Fun With a Crochet Scarf Project

One of the easiest projects for a beginner is the crochet scarf. It’s great for any skill level, it’s quick to make and when you’re done, you can wear it with pride. The really great thing about making a crochet scarf is that there is no wrong look. You can use your favorite crochet technique or try a brand new one. You can use bulky, fluffy yarn, fine baby weight yarn, crochet thread or a crazy novelty yarn. It can be made in one piece, motifs or have ribbons or other yarns threaded through open work. And don’t get me started on the possible colors. The crochet scarf is the project of your dreams.

The Long and the Short of it

Before you start on your crochet scarf project, take the time to look on the Internet for ideas. The free pattern sites are one place to start but so are the fashion catalogs online. You may need a pattern for a complicated stitch pattern, but you don’t need help from anyone to find out how to start and shape the scarf. It’s straight. It’s as long as you want it to be. That’s it.

After you find your inspiration, look through the bag of leftover yarn that every crafter has. You know that your favorite colors are in there. If you decide on a nice warm crochet scarf made with bulky yarn, think about using an open stitch. Once it’s wrapped around your neck over a heavy coat, that bulky yarn gets overwhelming real soon.

A fun idea for a crochet scarf is to use a variety of motifs. You can find squares, hexagons or other shapes of motifs on the Internet. There are many pattern books for sale that are filled with assorted motifs. This is a really good excuse to buy one. Choose your favorites and match up your favorite yarns. You can mix up two or three different motifs or use completely different ones all along the scarf. After they’re joined, make a border all around to unify them. The only hard decision is whether or not you want fringe.

The crochet scarf is not just to keep your neck warm. A lacy scarf of fine baby weight yarn with a few clear beads thrown in can take the place of a necklace for a special occasion. Again, do you want fringe with that? A crochet scarf is a good way to use up extra yarn, learn new techniques and keep yourself warm with that feeling of pride.