How to Decipher Your Crochet Instructions

Once you enter the world of crochet, you will find yourself itching to get started on a real project as soon as you have mastered a few basic stitches. You will find an item that looks interesting, peek inside of the crochet instructions, and find a whole mess of abbreviations and numbers that will probably make very little sense to you. Never fear! With a little bit of knowledge and some practice under your belt, you will be reading those crochet instructions like a pro in no time!

The first thing you will want to do when you decide to try your hand at an actual crochet project is to find a pattern that is written for a beginner. This will ensure that the stitches stay basic, and the piece will require minimum shaping and finishing. An afghan can often be an easy way to start, but if the size seems intimidating, a baby blanket can be a good beginner’s project.

Open up Those Crochet Instructions Without Fear!

Once you have selected the item that you would like to make, you will need to dissect your crochet instructions to make sure that you have a good understanding of each and every part of your project. The first thing you want to look for in your directions is a key that will help you understand all of the abbreviations that are listed.

If your crochet instructions do not include a key, you can supplement with a basic crochet manual that will teach you how to do each stitch as well as what the abbreviation for the stitch is. The next part of your directions will probably be a list of required supplies to complete your project. Pay special attention to the amount of yarn needed so that you don’t end up running out before you finish you item. Dye lots can be tricky things on yarn, and if you don’t buy your supply all at once, you run the risk of being unable to match your color precisely with subsequent trips to the yarn store.

Once you have assembled all of your supplies, you will probably find a gauge guide listed in your crochet instructions. It is worth your while to take the time to crochet a sample swatch to ensure that the measurements of your stitches match the measurements in your crochet instructions. After you have determined that your gauge is correct, you will finally be able to dig into the meat of your directions – the step-by-step guide in creating your item.

Crochet instructions can appear to be confusing at first, but with a little knowledge and practice you can master those directions with ease. Work through each step of your instructions carefully and patiently, and the result will be a beautiful handmade piece that you will be proud of.