Looking to Make a Stylish Fashion Statement? Crochet a Shawl

The art of crocheting is a hobby that has been enjoyed by many generations. Indeed, many things can be made through crocheting, including things like a crocheted shawl. When some people think of crocheted shawls, they think of an old grandmother in a rocking chair with her crocheted shawl wrapped tightly around her. While crocheted shawls can certainly serve such a purpose, they can also be a source of great contemporary fashion.

A Night Out on the Town

A crocheted shawl is perfect for a woman who is wearing a sleeveless dress on a chilly night, but does not want to bring a jacket along. This kind of shawl is particularly appealing because it allows for warmth, but the stitches also allow a bit of skin to show, which results in a sexy look.

A Night of Leisure

A crocheted shawl is not just for the elderly, it is also becoming a stylish way to keep warm at home or out for a walk in chill weather, because they can keep a person warm enough without them getting overheated. Indeed, crocheted shawls are especially popular among young creative types, as they have most likely made the shawl themselves.

Many Different Colors, Many Different Ways

Crocheted shawls do not come in one standard style. They may be composed of just yarn, they may include beading, and the ends of shawls may even include tassels. As with all types of fashion, the style really depends on whether one is look for a more ornate, or a more reserved look.

When selecting the right color for a shawl, be it for an upcoming crochet project, or purchasing one as a fashion statement, some people will choose the color according to what that color generally represents. For example, yellow signifies wisdom, and green signifies prosperity.

Additionally, the great thing about crocheted shawls is that they do not have to be worn just draped across the shoulders. These shawls, when paired with the right skirt (or even a pair of jeans) can be safety-pinned across the waist so that it falls across the front in a triangular shape.

Crocheted shawls of all types and colors can be found in local department stores, and online through various websites. One can also buy a pattern for a shawl at a local craft supply store and make their own. Crocheted shawls are a great means of self-expression, whether it is as a hobby or as a fashion statement.