Make a Beautiful Tapestry with Patience and Crocheting

It is not unusual for creatively-inclined people to want to take a pattern for a tapestry and crochet it. Indeed, the art of crocheting is intricate and lovely, and with the proper patience and acquired knowledge, one can implement their own ideas for a tapestry into a pattern and crochet it quite easily.

The Tapestry: Decoration and Crochet Blended Together

When one thinks of a tapestry, one generally associates it with one or two main places where a tapestry is generally found. There are the ornate tapestries that are found on walls in museums, and there are the tapestries that one could find in an artsy apartment or home.

Tapestries can be used not just for wall decorations, but also to drape across a couch or a chair. Some people even use a tapestry as a curtain for a window. Regardless of the use, when a person decides to crochet their own tapestry, there are certain ways that this can be accomplished, in accordance to whether they are left or right-handed.

Making a Tapestry and Crocheting it with the Right or the Left Hand

Regardless of whether the person crocheting the tapestry is a left or right-handed, it is important to note the direction in which the crochet hook is going. For someone who has a tapestry pattern and is going to crochet it with their left hand, the crochet hook should be pointed to the left, and the stitches should also be going in that direction. Likewise, right-handed tapestry crocheting involves the crochet hook being pointed towards the right with the stitches going in the same direction.

The tapestry crochet stitch in itself is rather complicated for those who are not well-versed in crocheting, because it involves moving the crochet hook from the front of a stitch to the back of the next one, being sure not to drop any stitches along the way. Also, it is important to not drop any stitches or mix any loose yarn colors together in order to avoid any inconsistencies within the tapestry.

The Finished Product

One can find various tapestry crochet patterns online or at a local craft store. The time that it takes to crochet a tapestry varies depending on the skill of the person making it and of course the size of the project. However, once the project is successfully finished, the proud creator of the tapestry is sure to have a lovely decoration for their home.