Make Your own Crochet Blanket

Crochet has truly taken over the fashion world with assault; you can find it today in anything and everything that has elegance and class attached to its tag. The trade of grandmothers has become the desire of any major fashion house. You too can have it in your home today by continuing your grandmother’s trade.

Do it Yourself

Crocheting is a lot of fun but it is not easy, at least not in the beginning when things go very slow and you may feel like you are never going to finish any project no matter how small however that is not the case. Crocheting can be learned only with practice and a lot of dedication, if you remember your grandmother or who ever was crocheting in your house used to spend hours together in order to create anything at all.

If you are a beginner you can start with a small item until you learn the trade and more to a larger project: but, if you are a professional or a crochet passionate you can start making your own crochet blanket as well. The most popular crochet blanket today is the one done with mixed color and crochet yarns in order to add personality and warmth.

The Crochet Blanket Project

First and foremost you must decide on the size of the crochet blanket and then of the different colors and materials you are going to use for the same and last but not least you will need to draw a plan so you will know when to change yarns between them.

Making a crochet blanket is challenging but at the same time satisfying and rewarding whether you do the blanket for yourself or as a gift you are sure to get a lot of praise and pleasure out pf it.

This project may take a few weeks if not even months for you to finish depending how much time you dedicate to the same or how many people are working on it; you can always have a family member join in and help thus, making the crochet blanket project a bonding device from which all of you will learn and have something to show for.

Helpful Tip

Don’t rush when on a big project such as making a crochet blanket for is you make a mistake you may need to undo your work and start all over again, which is time consuming and very disappointing as well no matter who is working at this project.

Remember you can add different patterns and make the crochet blanket as unique as you and your family are; you may have even started a tradition, which can be continued by mother and daughter for generations to come.