Make Your own Crochet Doll Dresses

Crocheting is one of the oldest practices by humans and that may be the reason why it is always associated with elder people. Today however crocheting is widely practiced and worn on anything and everything you can possibly think of from dresses to curtains.

Crocheting For Fun

Crocheting is just a hobby like any other but this particular hobby can actually create something you can show for as well as many others happy. One such thing is crochet doll dresses and any other item of a doll’s wardrobe would make your daughter or granddaughter extremely happy.

Crochet doll dresses are a bit tricky and if you have not done any before, I suggest you look up in stores or online for directions for you need to follow exact measurements and patterns in order to make the crochet doll dress look good.

Due to the fact that crocheting and crocheted items are back in style you will be able to find with ease crochet doll dresses kits and even crochet doll kits as well. On such a project you can work with your daughter in crocheting and in due course teach her how to make her own crochet doll dresses too. Crocheting is not easy and definitely not fast, you will need all the help you can get besides your daughter will love learning something as complicated as crocheting.

Once you have made the first crochet doll dress you can then make several more in different colors and styles to make a whole wardrobe for your or your daughter’s doll.

Helpful Tips

Depending on your daughter’s age you may not want to leave her unattended with the crochet needles or other aerials that may be of danger to her. Also you need to be very patient and watch what your daughters does because in crocheting any mistake will cause to undo and start the job from where it went wrong and that can get very frustrating especially if you have already been working on crochet doll for a while.

Crochet dolls and crochet doll’s dresses can be made out of any type of yarn but if you make if out of cotton ensure that it was preshrunk or else you will have a miniature dress after the first wash.

Crochet is a wonderful hobby, which can work as a stress reliever and relax you every time you pick up the yarn and crochet needle irrelevant what you are about to do. Crocheting together with your daughter can be a unique experience, which you both will treasure for years to come.