The Best of Crochet: An Afghan Crochet Pattern

When one thinks of crochet, the first thing that often comes to mind is a beautiful handmade afghan. This is still one of the most popular things for a crochet lover to create. The enormous selection of an afghan crochet pattern and the never-ending possibilities for materials guarantees that you will be able to fashion a unique afghan for any room in your home, or any person on your gift list.

From thick, bulky yarns that will make up the coziest of winter wraps, to the fine gauge fibers that go into the airy summer throws; you will never run out of ideas for handmade blankets. The other great thing about the wide variety of an afghan crochet pattern is that you can take on a project like this at any skill and experience level. Just keep in mind that afghans do tend to take some time to complete, simply because of their size alone, so make sure you are prepared to commit yourself to a project that might be somewhat long term.

Different Types of Afghan Crochet Patterns

One of the most popular types of an afghan crochet pattern is that of the timeless granny square pattern. This can consist of many small squares sewn together, or one gigantic square that does not end until your blanket is the desired size. You can create granny square blankets that are all one color, or construct a design of stripes or checkerboards. You can use different types of fibers to vary the texture within your blanket, or keep your yarn consistent throughout.

Your choice in a granny square afghan crochet pattern is virtually limitless; another popular afghan crochet pattern is called the “mile-a-minute” afghan. These patterns are made up into long strips that are then sewn together. These are fun to make, because each panel is a great take-along project to bring with you to kids’ activities and in the car. There are also filet afghan crochet patterns which utilize one basic stitch combined with chain stitches to form shapes and pictures in your blanket.

You could even use this technique to create a customized blanket with your initials worked into it. The ripple afghan crochet pattern has been circulated in various forms for years, and remains a popular choice for many crochet gurus.

The Finishing Touch

Most times an afghan crochet pattern will include instructions for some sort of finishing effect, like a border around the perimeter of the blanket. You can create your own finishing touch as well, by using shell stitches, picots, or a simple single crochet edging. Whatever your choice the final elements will give your project that last spit and polish to make it your very own work of art. An afghan crochet pattern is a great project to have on hand when the weather turns chilly. Start shopping for your favorite afghan crochet pattern now!