The Delicate Beauty of Crochet Thread

Most people will think of antique doilies or bedspreads when they talk about crochet thread. It is true that beautiful doilies, bedspreads, tablecloths and curtains can be created with crochet thread in a variety of weights and colors. But there are many other projects that are beautiful and functional when crochet thread is used instead of the traditional yarn in projects.

Crochet thread can be somewhat intimidating for someone who has never crocheted with anything but yarn. The truth is that thread is no more difficult to use, once you get a feel for the thinner fiber and the smaller hooks used to work with it. The stitches are basically the same, and many of the patterns read identical to the crochet patterns that require other materials. Crochet thread is easy to find at most craft and yarn stores and comes in a variety of colors, including balls of variegated colors and threads that have metallic filaments woven within.

So Many Projects With a Simple Ball of Thread!

Crochet thread is an amazingly versatile material that is used for placemats, table runners, bookmarks, coasters and pillows. While there are many beautiful two-dimensional projects you can create with crochet thread, this material can also be stiffened to make three-dimensional creations like Christmas ornaments. Even some flat projects, like snowflakes, can be stiffened to hang in windows or on your Christmas tree.

After completing the crochet portion of a project, you can soak your piece overnight in a commercial fabric stiffener. Once you remove your piece from the solution the following day, you can pin it to the desired shape on a flat surface or around a form, and wait for it to dry. This usually takes 24-48 hours to complete.

After your item has hardened, you can glue on embellishments to your heart’s content. Some popular styles of this technique include crocheted bells, angels and Christmas balls. You can also stiffen doilies around cans and bowls to make lacy crocheted baskets for candy and trinkets. This technique can even be used to create crocheted lace votive holders!

Crochet thread is not just about doilies any more, although there are still many beautiful doily patterns on the market using crochet thread. This material is easy to work with, comes in a variety of weights and colors, and is usually machine-washable. The possibilities abound for the projects that you can make with a simple crochet hook and a ball of thread!