The Ever Versatile, Ever Stylish Crochet Hat

The crochet hat is an item which has been coming in and out of style for many years. In the winter they are invaluable as head warmers, constructed out of wool, chenille or another cozy, cold weather fiber. In summer they turn perky and bright, sometimes with wide brims to protect delicate skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

There is basically a crochet hat to make for every season, every holiday and every outfit. Since a crochet hat takes very little yarn and a minimal amount of time, they make great take-along projects for gift-giving and wardrobe enhancing. With the enormous number of patterns and yarns to choose from, it is not difficult to fashion an entire wardrobe of hats for the connoisseur.

Finding Patterns for a Crochet Hat

Crochet hat patterns abound everywhere a crafter looks. There are a number of different patterns found in crochet books, and some books devoted just on a crochet hats. Craft magazines will keep you up to date on the latest styles and trends, and the internet is a virtual sea of free patterns and ideas with a simple investment of time and a little bit of printer paper.

Since the selection of patterns is abundant enough to overwhelm you, it is a good idea to have an idea of the type of crochet hat you want to make before you start looking. Are you hoping to create a stocking cap of sorts that will keep your son’s head warm on the way to school? Or do you prefer a bucket style hat for your teenage daughter that you can construct out of a furry yarn for fun as well as fashion?

If you are hunting for a hat to coordinate with an outfit, many patterns will give you the combination of a sweater or poncho and a matching hat. The good news is that if you have a desire to create headwear, you are almost guaranteed to find the perfect hat in the plethora of choices you can select from.

Which Material to Choose?

Once you have selected a crochet hat pattern, it is off to the craft or yarn store to shop for supplies. Yarns and fibers are plentiful, and color choices are almost infinite. If you are looking for yarn for a winter hat, try matching the color of the parka it will be worn with. If you have the time or inclination, you can even create mittens and a scarf for a completely coordinated look. If your hat is going to be worn frequently or by a young person, a machine washable fiber is probably a good idea.

Winter hat season is coming, is your head prepared for the elements? Grab your crochet hook and favorite crochet hat pattern, and get started on your winter wear today!