The Hot Crochet Poncho Pattern Look

Sometimes when a fashion comes back, it makes a big splash. Never has that been truer than with the crochet poncho pattern. The late 1960s hippy look came into its own in the 1970s when it combined funky with crafts-look. If someone wore a macramé belt, there almost had to be a crochet poncho pattern worn over the peasant blouse.

When that macramé faded, and when no one wore shoulder bags made of old jeans, when head bands were no longer worn on the forehead, the crochet poncho disappeared as well. It’s back now, along with everything crochet. You can make a crochet poncho because it’s hot or you can make a crochet poncho because it’s cool but the best reason to make a crochet poncho is because it looks good in every possible style.

Both Easy and Versatile

The beginner in crochet can stretch simple skills to make a poncho. At the same time, the experienced person can create a poncho using any advanced technique known. Today, there is just no wrong style, no wrong color and no wrong stitch for the crochet poncho pattern. To get started, you can look through the endless patterns in the craft store or the free ones online.

Most of the yarn sites have free more than one free crochet poncho pattern. In fact, nearly all have a version of the Martha Stewart poncho available to download. It’s an easy thing to adjust your favorite crochet poncho pattern to go with every outfit or to give to everyone on your gift list – for any occasion!

Cold weather calls for bulky ponchos, either pointed or straight. Warm weather is perfect for a lacy poncho that resembles a fancy shawl. Use lots of fringe and maybe some beads. Find a crochet poncho pattern for children, too. It’s easy for the toddlers to put on because there are no sleeves to fool with. That’s also the reason they’re so easy to make. Once the poncho is complete, you can start on matching hats, gloves, purses or whatever suits your imagination.

There’s a crochet poncho pattern for indoors as well as outdoors – winter cover-ups or bathing suit cover-ups. Any crochet technique can be adapted for use in a poncho and they make a great excuse to try every new novelty yarn that comes along. Whatever time it is where you are, it’s time to try a crochet poncho pattern.