The New Crochet Poncho Craze

Martha Stewart wore one when she left jail. Jennifer Lopez wore one in her film, “Monster-in-Law”. It appears that the crochet poncho is making yet another comeback as a fashion staple. The good news is that you do not have to spend a bundle to purchase this fashion statement at the mall. With a few skeins of yarn and some crochet know-how, you can create your own for a little time and cash.

The patterns for a crochet poncho are truly abounding these days, so you should have no trouble finding something to your liking. There are crochet books with poncho patterns, magazines that sport the latest styles, and even free patterns on the internet for your perusing. A crochet poncho can be created in a variety of materials – from the bulky yarns that will create a cozy cold-weather accessory to the linens and cottons that make up summertime favorites. Some ponchos are even embellished with beads or fun fur for a more exotic look.

One of the more updated crochet poncho styles features a shorter style that looks more like a wrap or shrug. Less yarn for more style!

Why the Crochet Poncho is so Popular

So what is the reason that these wraps continue to go in and out of style so consistently? One reason may be that the crochet poncho offers a warm alternative to the bulky sweaters. Originally ponchos were created for warding off the cold and rain. Many of the first ponchos were constructed with attached hoods. Another reason for their rise and fall in popularity could be the fact that crocheted ponchos are simply fun and easy to make. They require a minimal amount of yarn in many cases, and most patterns are so simple, even the newest newbie to the art of crochet can master one.

Today, there is such a huge selection of luxurious yarns and materials to create a crochet poncho, you can quickly and easily make your individualized fashion statement. Check out some of the new bulky yarns in wool and wool blends for a look that will turn heads as well as keep you warm. Some of the fun novelty yarns like the furs will bring a cute embellishment to necklines and edgings. For a more exotic look, you can crochet beads along the bottom of your crochet poncho for some dangle action. Pompoms still make an adorable addition on a crochet poncho for a little girl.

Whatever crochet poncho you choose to create, your project is guaranteed to be a fun addition to your crochet repertoire. Grab your hook and yarn, and get to work!