The Pure Elegance of Simple Crochet

Crochet has been forever linked with older people mainly because it was something we would see our grandmothers do when she had the time in front of the fire place in the winter and on the porch in spring and summer. However, it is with little surprise that today we can find simple crochet items incorporated in almost everything from designer clothes to decorative pieces for the house.

The Classy Simple Crochet

Simple crochet today adds class to almost anything for example, a crochet white collar on a black velvet dress with long sleeves gives it a touch of elegance and sophistication or a simple crochet center piece placed on top of the table cloth will enhance your spirits as well as the dining experience.

Once upon a time it used to be that only elderly folks would wear crochet today however, almost all designers have added crochet to their products such as: simple crochet lining for a touch of romance to a summer dress; a crochet motif on the bed sheets, simple crochet scarves or appliqué work to be added on sweaters, hats and so on.

You Can Crochet Too

Learning how to crochet is not hard anymore, all you need is time on your hands and patience to learn as crocheting does not deliver quick results as let’s say knitting does. You can be your own teacher with simple to follow instructions available in the crochet kits.

In order to start crocheting today you will need the following: a crochet hook, yarn, yarn needle, measuring tape and a few pins. You can find step-by-step instructions in simple crochet kits, which are designed for those who are beginners and/or have never touched a crochet needle before.

A Hobby That Rewards You Back

Crocheting is hard but the satisfactions are well worth it, whether you are doing a simple crochet collar for a black dress or a Christmas gift, you will have tremendous satisfaction when it is done to know that you have created it with your bare hands.

Because crochet is back in fashion, a gift of anything crocheted will be very valuable to the receiver especially if it something he or she wanted for a while and could not get to doing yet.

Teaching someone crocheting can be fun too after all a trade becomes better when you share it so in turn you may get some more ideas of crocheting from the newly joined member to the crochet club.