The Secrets of the Crochet Bikini

Well, for good or ill the crochet bikini is back. Anyone who remembers its last incarnation in the 1970s is, unfortunately, unable to wear one today. However, many lessons have been learned along the way and can now be put into practice.

Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weenie

The stitches called for in a crochet bikini are tight rather than lacy. The stitches that made a good crochet bikini in the 1970s are still the stitches that make a good one today. The advance of technology, however, can be seen in other ways. Most obvious is the new kinds of yarn available today. There are many kinds of novelty yarn that can make a darn good crochet bikini.

When looking for an adventurous bikini yarn, remember that it shouldn’t be stretchy, should be waterproof and shouldn’t have holes or nubs. It should also be uniform enough to avoid unintentional gaps. Waterproof yarns are usually synthetic. The other advance in technology is the new world of free patterns available on the Internet. While simple stitches are just fine for a crochet bikini, you might like to enlarge your bikini wardrobe by adding a crochet bikini with fancy stitching techniques.

For security, comfort and some protection from the sun, you can add some fabric to line the crochet bikini. A light weight cotton or synthetic knit jersey is good for the job. Cut the material to the shape of the bikini but about 3/8 inch smaller all around and sew it to the inside of the suit. If nothing else, it will help the crochet bikini keep its shape. When making a crochet bikini, use a bikini that fits well or good-fitting underwear to dictate the shape. If it goes wrong, tear out the stitches and try again.

If you like, you can add a bit of elastic to the top of the panty. Just crochet the last row of the panty around a length of elastic. Try it on to get the right length, cut and sew the ends together. Don’t be afraid to embellish your crochet bikini, especially if it’s not meant to go into the water.

Beading can be worked into the stitches as you go or added later. Ribbon can be used for straps instead of lengths of chain stitch or you can chain stitch thin ribbon. Crocheted flowers or other motifs can be added separately or in bunches wherever you like. If you do intend to go into a pool, check your materials to see if they can stand up to chlorine. The crochet bikini is meant for fun both while making it and while wearing it.