Use Crochet Beads on Everything

The colorful styles of today combined with the easy accessibility of all sorts of beads makes it natural to want to add lots of beading to any crochet project. As with all things crochet, the process is easier than the finished project makes it look. Just remember when you choose the materials for your project that the beads have to fit on the thread or yarn that you will be using so make sure the hole in the bead is the right size.

Ready, Set, Bead

Some kind of beading is appropriate for any kind of project except baby things. Little baby fingers can get into many kinds of stitches and everything that comes off goes into the mouth. With the one and only warning out of the way, we’re ready to begin. Decide where you want your beads to go and about how many you’ll need. Just place the necessary beads onto the yarn or thread in the reverse order that you’ll need them and you’re ready to crochet beads onto any project.

As you get to the stitch where the bead goes, feed it up to the hook. Start the stitch as usual and just before the last yarn over, put the bead in place. The last part of the stitch locks it down. This method can be used to scatter clear, shiny beads randomly across the front of a sweater or to crochet beads of the same color around the color of an evening top. You can crochet beads of a contrasting color onto a lace motif to accent the fancy design.

If a project calls for sewing on the beads, use the same yard or thread that you used to crochet the project and only the beads will show. On a tightly crocheted area, use an embroidery half-cross stitch to fasten each bead. Open, lacy work calls for you to crochet beads on. If a project calls for embroidery, you can use the little seed beads instead of – or in addition to – colored embroidery thread. You can accent embroidered or crocheted flowers with beaded dew with this method. Or you can add a little black eye to a lacy swan.

To add a fringe of beads while you are crocheting, use the first method. Feed the beads onto the yarn or thread before beginning the project. As you come to the fringe stitch, feed the beads you will need up to the hook. You should be looking at the wrong side of the project and the beads will go on the side away from you. Make a chain the length of the fringe and crochet beads into each chain stitch and then into each single stitch going back to the row. These methods are elegant, easy and versatile – in other words: crochet.