What is Wire Crochet – A Novel Way of Crocheting

If you look it up you will find the definition saying, “wire crocheting is that type of crocheting where you put together on a wire, very delicately, things that are used as trinkets to beautify young ladies”. In other words, the wire crochet is a slight deviation from the actual hobby of thread crocheting.

Some Tips for the Beginners of Wire Crochet

If you have never wire crocheted before, you should first watch carefully and understand how it is done. You will need to be a total expert in normal crocheting, before you can start on a wire crochet.

For wire crochet – beginner’s level – you will need a crochet size 1, and yarn that is 28 in size. The yarn here should be of the softest possible metal, i.e. brass, aluminum, etc.

You will need a lot of practice before you gather the required experience to really make an impact with the wire crochet; but everyone has to start somewhere so don’t let inexperience hold you back!

This point will come to you with experience, but is it very important, with the wire crochet there is no yarn elasticity to count upon and hence each and every loop has to be exactly where it has to be or the model would get skewed. This indeed takes some practice, and sometimes even the veterans make mistakes here.

You should be extra careful when crocheting on wire because you cannot reverse it. You cannot open it once it is crocheted and so if it not done properly it will suffer from the wrong application.

Work your way down to smaller sizes of crochet; the tinier the crochet is, the better the overall impact it will have.

Once you are comfortable with the wire crochet, you can immediately start on your projects. You can surf the Internet, and you will find plenty of patterns offered free, sometimes in return to your email address and a small registration.

However, in case you don’t like registering or giving your email in return for the free crochet patterns, it’s fine. Keep searching or go to your local fabric store where plenty of patterns can be purchased.

Use the above tips wisely and they will benefit you. You will find wire crochet an extremely rewarding hobby, which looks pretty tough, but can be learned with some patience and commitment.