2 Types of Counted Cross Stitch Samplers

Modern-day cross stitch samplers have been well-received since the early years. Among the favorites, counted cross stitch samplers are on the top of the list. Families have passed their skill and craftsmanship of cross stitching to the younger generations.

Today, there are still many families and individuals that value the art as well as the skill that are involved in cross stitching. It is best for a newbie to learn the skill by starting at the first step. It is best that you start with counted cross stitch samplers to help enhance your skill in no time.

Counted cross stitch samplers that use texts as part of the design are considered traditional. There are also designs that have sayings or poems, but the most significant is the date.

Traditional samplers are generally symbolic with their design motifs. If you see a traditional sampler, look a closely at the design motif to see the symbolism or story behind the finished work or the person who made it.

Modern cross stitch samplers are similar to traditional samplers especially in the manner that they are stitched. With the help of modern applications, designs and colors have also advanced. But the tradition of carrying special meaning as in commemorating special events in the family such as weddings, births, and housewarming still exists in many stitch work and samplers of today.

Some hobbyists are trying their hands in making their own cross stitch samplers with the use of kits. By doing so, hobbyists can have a personalized designed pattern based on their own motifs. Personalizing the motif may also include the traditional practice of putting a story or meaning. For cross stitch kits that you want to give away, include the recipients background into the design to make it more personal.

Counted cross stitch is a popular type of needlework that has been practiced and passed on to family members for years. Although times have changed, there are still those who believe that this art and craft should be preserved and passed on to the next generations by providing them with kits and samplers to enjoy.