Cross Stitch Kits – Know Which Type Is Right For You

Most cross stitch hobbyists find it pleasurable when shopping for their crafts supplies. However, not everyone may find it easy to choose the correct fabric, thread, kit, or pattern to use. When looking for cross stitch kits, you’ll find that there are a few options to choose from. And by knowing each type’s pros and cons, you will be able to determine which one is right for you for a particular project.

Here are the common types of cross stitch kits:

* Embellished Cross Stitch Kit

The fabric used for this type of kit usually has a design printed on it. So there are only a few sections that need to be stitched or accented on the finished product.

With this type of kit, you don’t have to cross stitch the entire print on the fabric and you can finish quickly. However, it is typical that the printed patterns on the fabric are not straight. Some people don’t appreciate the completed works of embellished cross stitch since they are not comparable to unembellished ones.

* Counted Cross Stitch Kit

For this type of kit, the stitches are made on blank aida cloth. A chart is typically provided wherein you need to count the squares on the cloth to identify the location of the stitches. Some people choose to start at the middle of the fabric based on the symbol in the middle of their patterns. In order to make the actual stitches on the cloth, you need to count the stitches’ symbols on the pattern.

Most hobbyists work on counted cross stitch kits since the finished products are more appealing because of uniformly made stitches. One caveat is that you may lose count while stitching, so be mindful of the possible errors. Correcting the wrong stitches can be done by pulling them out of the aida cloth and recounting the stitches you’ll make.

* No-count Cross Stitch Kit

For this type of kit, the stitching outlines are printed on the fabric and a chart represents the color that you need to fill in with “x” stitches.

The good thing about this kit is that it is supposed to be faster compared to the counted cross stitch kit since you don’t need to count to identify the starting point and where each stitch must go. It is likely, though, that you’d make some crooked stitches because sometimes there are also crooked prints on the fabric.

* Stamped Cross Stitch Kit

For this type, the design is usually colored and printed on the fabric, which can help you determine the colors of the stitches and where they should be placed. You may find stamped cross stitch kits easy to use especially for simple designs since there are only a few colors required.

If you prefer to use a stamped cross stitch kit, you have the discretion to not to use a chart/pattern in determining the stitches. It is also possible to commit fewer mistakes as compared to counted cross stitch. One bad thing about this type is that if the printed colors on the fabric are very similar, it will be difficult to determine the exact shade or color to use.

If you are a beginner, it is best to try out the simpler type of cross stitch kits first in order to get the feel and results you are looking for. The results usually vary from one type of kit to another, so as you progress, try out the other kits and see which one will fit your expertise and expectations the most.