One-of-a-kind Cross Stitch Frames

Conventional cross stitch frames are expensive and very time-consuming. No need to worry, because there are other unique options that are cost-effective and you can see your finished work in no time.

Below are some of the unique cross stitch frames that you can use:

* Picture frames are great alternatives to traditional cross stitch frames since they are cheaper, come in various sizes and styles, and they are highly available in many stores. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about dust or insects destroying your work when you use a photo frame.

You might find similar themes of photo frames to go with your cross stitch. You’ll also find frames that have ready matting and trimmings. Some folks would buy plain photo frames and buy scrapbook trimmings to it. You may use beads and small trimmings by gluing them on the photo frame to save some more.

* Photo albums – These items also make great substitutes for cross stitch frames. You can insert your finished work in the tiny openings on the cover and pages of the album. Showing your finished works at the same time is easy when you use a photo album.

* Other great alternatives are shadow boxes. It is comparable to a photo album, however, it has a wider space for a cross stitch or thicker pieces to slip in. Adding decorations is also possible, as long as the items are not thicker than an inch in order for your finished work to slip and fit the space.

* Hoop frames are also great options if you want your works mounted on different shaped and sized cross stitch frames. It is also possible to put trimmings to make your work more unique. If you want to directly decorate your cross stitch artwork, you should choose hoop frames with no glass cover.

* Mini sample patterns are usually not framed since they can be incorporated as designs on pillow cases, table cloths, napkins, pouches and Christmas stockings.

You don’t have to spend a fortune in keeping your finished cross stitch intact. You don’t have to stick to the traditional cross stitch frames either. And waiting for a long time isn’t necessary especially if you know which options will work for your finished products without spending too much time and dollars.