What Are The Types Of Cross Stitch Fabrics?

Cross stitch fabrics You can create beautiful designs since your fabric is like a blank canvas. But which fabric is ideal to use?

There are a number of cross stitch fabrics to choose from, and it is not always easy to just pick whatever that comes into mind. It is essential that you become familiar with the famous types of cross stitch fabrics since they are more in demand among needlework hobbyists.

* Aida cloth is popular and in-demand due to the tiny holes that are laid down as grid patterns. The spacing of the holes are determined by the size of aida cloth you’ll choose. If you choose a larger sized cloth, the closer are the holes; and the smaller thee cloth size, the larger the space between holes.

You may find that it is easier to use a smaller sized aida cloth. But for more detailed designs, you should use a larger cloth number. Aida cloth may come in various colors schemes such as solid, printed, or dyed. Generally, this fabric is very easy to use. By placing your needle in the holes, you are sure to make the perfect “x” stitches every time.

* Linen has the appearance of a basket weave with grid lines that are hard to detect. You might have a hard time producing straight stitches using this fabric. It is better to use other types of fabric especially if you are a beginner. You’ll need to stitch the “x” over two squares instead of just one. So if you are planning for more detailed design pattern and an old feel, linen is your best bet for the project.

* Afghan cloth is the larger and softer version of aida cloth. The fabric is similar to a small afghan throw in terms of measurement which is why it was named after it. The edges of this fabric are sometimes finished and it could have a pattern or design that breaks the fabric into tiny squares. Each square on the fabric may have a variety of designs that resemble different patterns.

Creating needlecraft artwork is not a problem especially when you have many choices in cross stitch fabrics. It’s a matter of choosing the right fabric to help you produce great-looking cross stitch art.