Make Your own Crochet Doll Dresses

Crocheting is one of the oldest practices by humans and that may be the reason why it is always associated with elder people. Today however crocheting is widely practiced and worn on anything and everything you can possibly think of from dresses to curtains.

Crocheting For Fun

Crocheting is just a hobby like any other but this particular hobby can actually create something you can show for as well as many others happy. One such thing is crochet doll dresses and any other item of a doll’s wardrobe would make your daughter or granddaughter extremely happy.

Crochet doll dresses are a bit tricky and if you have not done any before, I suggest you look up in stores or online for directions for you need to follow exact measurements and patterns in order to make the crochet doll dress look good.

Due to the fact that crocheting and crocheted items are back in style you will be able to find with ease crochet doll dresses kits and even crochet doll kits as well. On such a project you can work with your daughter in crocheting and in due course teach her how to make her own crochet doll dresses too. Crocheting is not easy and definitely not fast, you will need all the help you can get besides your daughter will love learning something as complicated as crocheting.

Once you have made the first crochet doll dress you can then make several more in different colors and styles to make a whole wardrobe for your or your daughter’s doll.

Helpful Tips

Depending on your daughter’s age you may not want to leave her unattended with the crochet needles or other aerials that may be of danger to her. Also you need to be very patient and watch what your daughters does because in crocheting any mistake will cause to undo and start the job from where it went wrong and that can get very frustrating especially if you have already been working on crochet doll for a while.

Crochet dolls and crochet doll’s dresses can be made out of any type of yarn but if you make if out of cotton ensure that it was preshrunk or else you will have a miniature dress after the first wash.

Crochet is a wonderful hobby, which can work as a stress reliever and relax you every time you pick up the yarn and crochet needle irrelevant what you are about to do. Crocheting together with your daughter can be a unique experience, which you both will treasure for years to come.

Looking to Make a Stylish Fashion Statement? Crochet a Shawl

The art of crocheting is a hobby that has been enjoyed by many generations. Indeed, many things can be made through crocheting, including things like a crocheted shawl. When some people think of crocheted shawls, they think of an old grandmother in a rocking chair with her crocheted shawl wrapped tightly around her. While crocheted shawls can certainly serve such a purpose, they can also be a source of great contemporary fashion.

A Night Out on the Town

A crocheted shawl is perfect for a woman who is wearing a sleeveless dress on a chilly night, but does not want to bring a jacket along. This kind of shawl is particularly appealing because it allows for warmth, but the stitches also allow a bit of skin to show, which results in a sexy look.

A Night of Leisure

A crocheted shawl is not just for the elderly, it is also becoming a stylish way to keep warm at home or out for a walk in chill weather, because they can keep a person warm enough without them getting overheated. Indeed, crocheted shawls are especially popular among young creative types, as they have most likely made the shawl themselves.

Many Different Colors, Many Different Ways

Crocheted shawls do not come in one standard style. They may be composed of just yarn, they may include beading, and the ends of shawls may even include tassels. As with all types of fashion, the style really depends on whether one is look for a more ornate, or a more reserved look.

When selecting the right color for a shawl, be it for an upcoming crochet project, or purchasing one as a fashion statement, some people will choose the color according to what that color generally represents. For example, yellow signifies wisdom, and green signifies prosperity.

Additionally, the great thing about crocheted shawls is that they do not have to be worn just draped across the shoulders. These shawls, when paired with the right skirt (or even a pair of jeans) can be safety-pinned across the waist so that it falls across the front in a triangular shape.

Crocheted shawls of all types and colors can be found in local department stores, and online through various websites. One can also buy a pattern for a shawl at a local craft supply store and make their own. Crocheted shawls are a great means of self-expression, whether it is as a hobby or as a fashion statement.

The Ever Versatile, Ever Stylish Crochet Hat

The crochet hat is an item which has been coming in and out of style for many years. In the winter they are invaluable as head warmers, constructed out of wool, chenille or another cozy, cold weather fiber. In summer they turn perky and bright, sometimes with wide brims to protect delicate skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

There is basically a crochet hat to make for every season, every holiday and every outfit. Since a crochet hat takes very little yarn and a minimal amount of time, they make great take-along projects for gift-giving and wardrobe enhancing. With the enormous number of patterns and yarns to choose from, it is not difficult to fashion an entire wardrobe of hats for the connoisseur.

Finding Patterns for a Crochet Hat

Crochet hat patterns abound everywhere a crafter looks. There are a number of different patterns found in crochet books, and some books devoted just on a crochet hats. Craft magazines will keep you up to date on the latest styles and trends, and the internet is a virtual sea of free patterns and ideas with a simple investment of time and a little bit of printer paper.

Since the selection of patterns is abundant enough to overwhelm you, it is a good idea to have an idea of the type of crochet hat you want to make before you start looking. Are you hoping to create a stocking cap of sorts that will keep your son’s head warm on the way to school? Or do you prefer a bucket style hat for your teenage daughter that you can construct out of a furry yarn for fun as well as fashion?

If you are hunting for a hat to coordinate with an outfit, many patterns will give you the combination of a sweater or poncho and a matching hat. The good news is that if you have a desire to create headwear, you are almost guaranteed to find the perfect hat in the plethora of choices you can select from.

Which Material to Choose?

Once you have selected a crochet hat pattern, it is off to the craft or yarn store to shop for supplies. Yarns and fibers are plentiful, and color choices are almost infinite. If you are looking for yarn for a winter hat, try matching the color of the parka it will be worn with. If you have the time or inclination, you can even create mittens and a scarf for a completely coordinated look. If your hat is going to be worn frequently or by a young person, a machine washable fiber is probably a good idea.

Winter hat season is coming, is your head prepared for the elements? Grab your crochet hook and favorite crochet hat pattern, and get started on your winter wear today!

The Best of Crochet: An Afghan Crochet Pattern

When one thinks of crochet, the first thing that often comes to mind is a beautiful handmade afghan. This is still one of the most popular things for a crochet lover to create. The enormous selection of an afghan crochet pattern and the never-ending possibilities for materials guarantees that you will be able to fashion a unique afghan for any room in your home, or any person on your gift list.

From thick, bulky yarns that will make up the coziest of winter wraps, to the fine gauge fibers that go into the airy summer throws; you will never run out of ideas for handmade blankets. The other great thing about the wide variety of an afghan crochet pattern is that you can take on a project like this at any skill and experience level. Just keep in mind that afghans do tend to take some time to complete, simply because of their size alone, so make sure you are prepared to commit yourself to a project that might be somewhat long term.

Different Types of Afghan Crochet Patterns

One of the most popular types of an afghan crochet pattern is that of the timeless granny square pattern. This can consist of many small squares sewn together, or one gigantic square that does not end until your blanket is the desired size. You can create granny square blankets that are all one color, or construct a design of stripes or checkerboards. You can use different types of fibers to vary the texture within your blanket, or keep your yarn consistent throughout.

Your choice in a granny square afghan crochet pattern is virtually limitless; another popular afghan crochet pattern is called the “mile-a-minute” afghan. These patterns are made up into long strips that are then sewn together. These are fun to make, because each panel is a great take-along project to bring with you to kids’ activities and in the car. There are also filet afghan crochet patterns which utilize one basic stitch combined with chain stitches to form shapes and pictures in your blanket.

You could even use this technique to create a customized blanket with your initials worked into it. The ripple afghan crochet pattern has been circulated in various forms for years, and remains a popular choice for many crochet gurus.

The Finishing Touch

Most times an afghan crochet pattern will include instructions for some sort of finishing effect, like a border around the perimeter of the blanket. You can create your own finishing touch as well, by using shell stitches, picots, or a simple single crochet edging. Whatever your choice the final elements will give your project that last spit and polish to make it your very own work of art. An afghan crochet pattern is a great project to have on hand when the weather turns chilly. Start shopping for your favorite afghan crochet pattern now!

Do You Want to Learn To Crochet?

Crocheting like knitting, is an art. Those who are interested in learning it can do so at vocational schools or hobby classes. As any handicraft item, crocheted items too have great demand on the market; maybe more than any other handmade work. There are many handicraft shops which specialize in showcasing and successfully selling crocheted items.

How to Learn to Crochet

There is nothing too great in trying to learn to crochet actually. Anyone, who has a bit of interest, can pick up the basics of crocheting in just a couple of sessions. However, to get the required speed to crochet various items effortlessly takes both time and patience. You will need a thick yarn in the beginning, because it is easier to crochet with when you are a beginner and of course, the crochet. Anyone can teach you how to learn to crochet and if you really do not have any friend to do so, you could check the Internet or you could buy a book which teaches you the basics.

It is a pleasure to learn to crochet and it is easy, too. All you have to do is make one little loop and pass the yarn through it. Repeat the process and you will get sufficient loops which you will have to work with to create whatever you have in mind. Crocheted items are so delicately beautiful that no matter where you use them they would become the center of attraction. Whether you give your work to your friends, or use it in your house, most the crocheted things are not only pretty, but they can be useful as well.

Before you learn to crochet, you will have to learn to recognize what type of yarn you will need, and for what. Crocheting is a great hobby and people find it exceptionally but crocheting has a disadvantage – the thinner the thread (yarn) the more beautiful the outcome is, but the more difficult it is to do it.

Once you learn how to crochet, you can make anything you like such as baby blankets, booties, table covers, tops, hankies, curtains and even hot pads for your kitchen. There are many free patterns available on the Internet, waiting for you to pick up. Whatever you want to do, you will find the guidelines and patterns either in your local fabric stores, or even online.

Once you have the pattern, you’re ready to create the item of your choice per the guidelines, and without much direction of anyone else. And once you’ve got some practice and you are inclined, you can start a hobby webpage yourself and share things like crocheting tips and information with others.

In the end, to learn to crochet means to open yourself to a world of possibilities when it comes to creating gifts, things for personal use or even things to sell. You’ll create yourself an opportunity to share your new passion with others, and it’s a hobby that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The Delicate Beauty of Crochet Thread

Most people will think of antique doilies or bedspreads when they talk about crochet thread. It is true that beautiful doilies, bedspreads, tablecloths and curtains can be created with crochet thread in a variety of weights and colors. But there are many other projects that are beautiful and functional when crochet thread is used instead of the traditional yarn in projects.

Crochet thread can be somewhat intimidating for someone who has never crocheted with anything but yarn. The truth is that thread is no more difficult to use, once you get a feel for the thinner fiber and the smaller hooks used to work with it. The stitches are basically the same, and many of the patterns read identical to the crochet patterns that require other materials. Crochet thread is easy to find at most craft and yarn stores and comes in a variety of colors, including balls of variegated colors and threads that have metallic filaments woven within.

So Many Projects With a Simple Ball of Thread!

Crochet thread is an amazingly versatile material that is used for placemats, table runners, bookmarks, coasters and pillows. While there are many beautiful two-dimensional projects you can create with crochet thread, this material can also be stiffened to make three-dimensional creations like Christmas ornaments. Even some flat projects, like snowflakes, can be stiffened to hang in windows or on your Christmas tree.

After completing the crochet portion of a project, you can soak your piece overnight in a commercial fabric stiffener. Once you remove your piece from the solution the following day, you can pin it to the desired shape on a flat surface or around a form, and wait for it to dry. This usually takes 24-48 hours to complete.

After your item has hardened, you can glue on embellishments to your heart’s content. Some popular styles of this technique include crocheted bells, angels and Christmas balls. You can also stiffen doilies around cans and bowls to make lacy crocheted baskets for candy and trinkets. This technique can even be used to create crocheted lace votive holders!

Crochet thread is not just about doilies any more, although there are still many beautiful doily patterns on the market using crochet thread. This material is easy to work with, comes in a variety of weights and colors, and is usually machine-washable. The possibilities abound for the projects that you can make with a simple crochet hook and a ball of thread!

Where you can go to Find a Crochet Pattern

Crocheting can easily be considered as one of the most popular hobbies, and that goes for all across the world. However, often times people find it hard to locate a crochet pattern that they like, and so if you are one of those people, then you will absolutely want to read on so that you can learn about where the best places are that you can go to in order to find a crochet pattern.


If you are looking for a crochet pattern, then you should know that the Internet is absolutely going to be your best option; after all, there is no other resource available that is going to allow you to find more variety than on the Internet.

One of the best websites that you can visit and find a crochet pattern would be, which is a website that offers a wide variety of crochet patterns, and which even has a handy search engine built in where you can type the sort of pattern that you are looking for into and the best available options will then come up.

Another great option is, which again has an incredible amount to offer, and some of the available pattern categories are: baby clothes, Christmas, crochet doilies, sneakers, rubber ring coasters, earmuffs, plant holder, dishcloth, CD coaster, clutch purse, lace gloves, shawl, poncho, potholder, tissue cover, centerpiece, shell, boots, hats, tablecloths, and more.

Yet another great option is, which offers more than just patterns, as they also offer lessons so that you can learn methods in regards to crocheting; in fact, you could even go onto this website and have no idea about crocheting and then learn from their lessons and then use the patterns that are available, which is really great.

As well, they also offer a weekly newsletter that you can have sent to you through email so that you can learn about the new trends and patterns, and you can also find other people that are interested in crocheting through the website so that you can meet people that will be there and who will be able and willing to answer any questions that you may have about the hobby.

This website is really fantastic because they even inform you as to whether or not each pattern is beginner, moderate, or intermediate, so that you can work with the patterns that are at your skill level, so that you will not be trying to do a pattern that is either too hard or too easy for you to complete.

How to Stiffen Your Crochet Doilies

Now that crochet is popular again, some of the traditional projects are also popular again. While there is no practical use for doilies, they are great to make and very nice to display with pride. Of course, there was a time when doilies were useful. Back when everything had to be washed by hand doilies could be placed over the spots that were expected to become soiled frequently.

The little doilies were very washable and many of them could be kept on hand to make a clean, attractive area until laundry day. Now that frequently soiled areas are pretty much made of plastic so they can be wiped clean, doilies are simply a pleasant reminder of the bad old days. Still, those lacy little bits are challenging to make and should be displayed with pride. The best way to do that is to stiffen your crochet doilies.

Traditional Stiffeners

There are many choices of modern stiffeners available. The reason that there is a choice is because there are different needs to meet – believe it or not. Most crochet doilies look best if the stiffener allows the stitches to show clearly. Different types of stiffener offer different finishes and you can choose shiny or matte.

If you want to stay with the traditional techniques, there are many kinds of stiffeners to choose for your crochet doilies. An early recommendation from an old magazine suggests using gelatin dissolved in hot water. It’s a little complicated. More modern solutions include hairspray or spray starch. Either can be washed out easily and reshaped if you like. Always use rust proof pins to hold the shape until the crochet doilies are dry. Be sure to keep them clean while they stiffen. Anything that can stiffen crochet doilies is sticky.

A bit more traditional is liquid or powdered starch. These have the advantage of being adjustable from soft to stiff. You can dissolve either corn starch or Epsom salts in boiling water to soak your crochet doilies before shaping. Remember that if you soak your crochet doilies in any stiffening liquid, the excess liquid has to be removed without twisting the doilies.

You don’t want to stretch or severely wrinkly them just before they assume a semi-permanent shape. A half and half mix of white glue and water is a popular choice. Surprisingly, the stiffener most sworn by is a solution of sugar and water. The look of the crochet shows through, it’s easy to remove and insects aren’t interested. However you stiffen your crochet doilies, display them with pride. You earned it.

Crochet a Scarf Pattern for Year-Round Wear

Crocheted scarf patterns used to consist of warm woolens and aran patterns and cables designed solely for winter wearing. Times have changed! Today’s scarves are made of a tremendous variety of materials, and are created as fashion accessories as well as neck warmers. It is not completely unheard of to see a hip, lacy scarf adorning a sophisticated sheath in the summer.

Or perhaps a long, loopy creation to dress up a tank top and jeans. Crocheted scarf patterns are making their way into every season. The good news is that you can grab your own crocheted scarf pattern, and fashion your way to accessorizing your entire wardrobe with a little bit of funky yarn, and a whole lot of imagination!

The Warm Weather Crocheted Scarf Pattern

Who would have ever thought that a crocheted scarf pattern would make itself at home during the hottest months of the year? But with the new fibers and textures available to make up crocheted scarf patterns, that is exactly what is happening! The new textiles available, such as the ribbons and confetti threads available for crochet, can bring new life into an old favorite.

How about a lacy crocheted scarf pattern made up out of “ribbon” yarn in bright tropical colors? There are also numerous cotton yarns and threads available to whip up some fun, warm-weather accessories. Just make sure when you are making a crocheted scarf pattern for sun-wear, that you keep the materials suitable for warmer weather and the color palette bright and tropical.

An Old Favorite: The Winter Scarf

When most of us hear the word “scarf”, we immediately think of a neck wrap that is suitable for a snowman! Winter crocheted scarf patterns are not only accessories for outer wear, however. There are many fun scarves that can be worn indoors, to adorn a turtleneck or blouse for example. Some of these scarves are very thin in width, and made with the most exotic fibers that you can imagine. Furs are a very popular yarn choice for indoor scarves, as well as those worn with winter coats.

If you make a furry scarf for your black leather jacket, why not whip up some fur trim around a pair of store-bought gloves to finish the ensemble? You could even put a fur trim around a bucket hat for more coordination! Don’t stop with the furs, however, Wool yarns make lovely traditional winter scarves, in aran patterns and cables. Chenille is another popular choice for crocheted scarf patterns for winter.

Crocheted scarf patterns are generally easy to make, and require a small amount of yarn to finish. With the ease, convenience and low cost of crocheted scarf patterns, you can fill your closet with scarves for every coat and occasion!

A Beautiful Embellishment: Knit and Crochet With Beads

If you enjoy the needlework crafts such as knitting and crocheting one way you can expand your variety of items is by adding beads to your finished pieces. One of the first items that comes to mind when you think of knit and crochet with beads are the beautiful beaded socks that are usually made for young girls. These beaded trims are usually crocheted around the sock cuffs with thread, and the beads are crocheted directly onto the trim.

This makes the embellished socks safe for even the youngest feet, since the beads are securely fastened to the trim. Another item that is popular to knit and crochet with beads is a handmade purse or bag. You can knit or crochet the beads directly into the bag, or add the beads to a trim at the bottom of the bag for some dangle action. Other knit and crochet with beads include pillows, sweaters, ponchos and scarves. With the huge selection of beads available, you may find many more creations that you want to add this flourish to!

How to Knit and Crochet With Beads

While a beaded knit or crochet piece might look intricate and complicated, even a beginner can use this technique in her creations. The key is to calculate the number of beads you will be using in your finished piece, and threading the beads onto your yarn before beginning your work. When you arrive at a stitch where you want to add a bead, simply slide the bead up to where your last stitch ends, and then continue working around it.

To keep a knit and crochet with beads project in place without a need for knotting or sewing is a very important matter. What could be easier? The hardest part is often counting the number of beads required, since you cannot easily add beads once your piece has begun to be worked. If your pattern calls for beads, it will give you a count of items to thread on.

If you are adding beads to a pattern that does not include this option, you will need to read through your pattern and do a few math problems to figure out the number of beads to use. A good rule of thumb is to add a few extra beads to the number you think you will need. If you have extras at the end of the project, you can simply slide them off of the yarn and save them for another use. If you come up short, it will not be so easy to add beads after the fact!

You can give a beautiful finish to your knit and crochet with beads as an embellishment. Knit and crochet with beads is a simple way to dress up your work, and is only limited by your imagination. Happy beading!